We take pride in our work and use best practices to provide medical care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation to injured birds. We release as many raptors as possible that are able to rejoin the wild and have productive full lives. Unfortunately a very sad part of our work is that we humanely euthanize birds that are unreleasable in the wild.   MRCC also provides a lifetime home and long-term care for unreleasable raptors serving as education birds. 

We depend on All West Vet to lead our surgeries on all raptors at the center. This 20+ year old partnership is critical to our success in rehab as 18% of our raptors need emergency surgery upon admission.

Our rehab services include:  digital x-ray, blood work, lead testing, physical therapy, muscle conditioning, range of motion exercises, surgeries, IO catheters for hydration, infection treatments, wound care, debugging, supplemental oxygen, nebulization, ICU, lead bullet extraction.  

Approximately 99% of our injury calls are due to human-caused issues including: lead poisoning, windshield collision, and shootings.