Our mission is to improve the welfare of raptors across Montana through rehabilitation of injured birds, community education, and partnerships for raptor conservation and research.


Our core values define and direct our mission:

  • Maintain an efficient and cost-effective organization.
  • Use best practices for raptor rehabilitation.
  • Work to constantly improve our educational content and outreach.
  • Engage and thoroughly train community volunteers to assist in our mission.
  • Build relationships with organizations that can help achieve our mission.
  • Obtain funding necessary to support and grow activities and programs.

What We Do

Founded in 1988, the Montana Raptor Conservation Center (MRCC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, provides the following services for raptors and communities across Montana:

Raptor Welfare

Respond to requests to rescue distressed raptors; use best practices to provide medical care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation to injured birds; release raptors able to rejoin the wild; and provide a lifetime home and long-term care for unreleasable raptors serving as MRCC Education Birds.

Outreach and Education

Conduct events to advance the public’s awareness of raptors and their importance in the environment; give educational presentations to schools, businesses, service clubs, and outdoor organizations.


Band releasable raptors for ongoing research; partner with organizations, individuals, and students conducting raptor-related research.


Seek grants, public donations, and assistance from organizations and businesses to achieve our mission.