The Montana Raptor Conservation Center is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that resides in Bozeman, MT. The facilities are located on thirteen acres of donated land. MRCC is not open to the public for tours and only allows guests for scheduled events.

Yukon Barn

The Yukon Barn is a medium sized facility where smaller raptors and owls can strengthen their flight muscles.

Flight Barn

This is our large flight barn, where larger hawks and eagles exercise and are evaluated for flight.


Mews Barn

This is the education Mews Barn where the larger, permanent resident, education raptors reside.

MRCC Office Building

The main barn building houses the office, food preparation area, exam and x-ray facilities, an Intensive Care Unit, a Secondary Unit, and bird enclosures upstairs.


Education Amphitheater

On site area for hosting education talks and programs. Can seat up to 40 people. Contact Keaton to schedule a education program at