Staff Members

Becky Kean Rehabilitation Director

Becky Kean moved to Bozeman in 1998 from her home town in Minot, ND.  In 2003, she realized her passion for raptors when she began volunteering at the Montana Raptor Conservation Center.  Becky earned a bachelor’s degree in Fish and Wildlife Management from Montana State University. In 2007, Becky was hired at MRCC as Assistant Director, and a year later she was promoted to Director. She served as MRCC Director for 8 years and in 2017 became the Rehabilitation Director.

Jordan Spyke Director of Operations and Development

In 2008 Jordan Spyke and his brother moved to Bozeman, Montana, from Muskegon, Michigan, in search of adventure. Since moving to Bozeman, Jordan has earned a bachelors degree in environmental studies from Montana State University. Jordan began volunteering at the Montana Raptor Conservation Center in 2009 and later served on the board of directors. Jordan became Assistant Director of MRCC in August of 2013 and was promoted to Director of Operations and Development in October of 2017. When Jordan is not working at MRCC, he enjoys being outside doing just about anything, from skiing to fishing and everything in between.

Teresa Aldrich Education Specialist

Teresa Aldrich began working at Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, SD in 2010, where she formed her passion for raptors. In 2011 she moved to St. Louis and completed an internship at the World Bird Sanctuary, doing public bird shows and raptor rehabilitation. Teresa then returned to Reptile Gardens in 2013 and became Assistant Curator of the Bird Department.  In 2017, Teresa continued to follow her passion and moved to Bozeman as MRCC’s Education Specialist. When Teresa is not working with birds she enjoys hiking with her dog on the beautiful Montana trails and singing jazz music at local cafes.

Board Members

Susie Drukman, Chair

Susie was born with a passion for wild places and the creatures that inhabit those special places.  Since 1988, Susie has been an active community member in Southwest Montana, working on numerous community enhancement and habitat preservation projects both as a volunteer and as a career Environmental Engineer. MRCC holds a special place in her heart, a legacy that began many years ago with an injured Sharp Shinned Hawk that was successful rehabilitated and returned to the wild.

In her spare time, Susie enjoys her friends and family, frolicking in the outdoors, listening to good music and savoring delightful meals.

Robin Green, Vice Chair

Robin joined the board after falling in love with the raptors and the work of the Montana Raptor Conservation Center while attending the summer education series.   She and her husband have a working Red Angus cattle and grain ranch where they have the good fortune to observe many of the raptors of Montana daily at the ranch.  Robin’s background includes a BS in Agriculture/Animal Science from The Ohio State University; Juris Doctorate, cum laude, from The Ohio State University College of Law, serving as Executive Editor of Law Review.  After law school she served as a corporate, real estate attorney with the international law firm of Squire Patton Boggs.  She was also selected to serve as Executive Director of the Ohio Chapter of The Nature Conservancy where she was responsible for coordinating the conservation, business, and land preservation activities for Ohio and promoting conservation and preservation of our natural resources throughout the U.S.  She also headed up the Soil and Water Conservation District for Dickinson County, Michigan.

Robin couldn’t be happier living in Montana.  Her interests and passions include learning more about raptors and helping to educate people about the importance of protecting raptors, spending time with family, running, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, yoga, reading, training her German Shepherds, and building their Red Angus cow herd.

Robin has served as Board member for The Trust for Public Land in Ohio and the Ohio Natural Areas and Preserves Association.  She also served on the Steering Committee for the Kellogg Project Reinvent for The Ohio State University; the Columbus Zoo Board of Trustees; and the Vice President’s Advisory Council for the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences for The Ohio State University.

During her career she received a number of national awards for her work in conservation, including recognition by the National Association of Conservation Districts’ for her work in natural resource protection and enhancement; the National Wetlands Award for extraordinary effort, innovation, and excellence in wetland conservation for implementing one of the largest wetland restoration efforts in Ohio and the International Society of Arboriculture’s award for tree preservation. She was appointed by Ohio Governor Voinovich to the Environmental Quality Improvement Council and to the Governor’s Blue-Ribbon Task Force on Water Resources Planning and Development.  She also served on the Columbus Environmental Services Advisory Committee and the Madison County Farmland Preservation Task Force.  She has worked with numerous groups to encourage education about the importance of conservation.

“It is truly an honor to serve on the board of the Montanan Raptor Conservation Center and to work with such dedicated staff and volunteers rehabilitating injured raptors and to see these magnificent birds returned to the wild.”

Louise Ellingsworth, Secretary

During a college vacation to Bozeman in 1981, Louise heard the mountains calling but it took another 25 years before she officially could call Montana home. Once a corporate trial lawyer, Louise now spends her time as a professional mediator when not riding one of her horses on Montana’s public lands or loving on her adopted Aussie who works as a therapy dog.  Louise’s first contact with MRCC was when her Aussie found an injured kestrel (known now as Adora who can be found on her perch at MRCC) on her horse property at the base of the Bridgers. She shares her business skills with MRCC in the hopes that she can be a part of the solution.

Debbie Kasper Treasurer

I am proud to be a part of the Montana Raptor Conservation Center.  I am excited to be part of a rehab program that educates the public about the importance of raptors, the presence of birds of prey indicates that the environment is healthy, with a wide and balanced diversity of animal and plant species. Working and volunteering for non-profits is something I enjoy doing and reflects my personal values. My educational background includes a BS in business. My interests include participating in many of the outdoor adventures that Montana has to offer.

Don Farris

I am honored to be a newly joined member of the Montana Raptor Conservation Center. The essential role that raptors play in achieving ecological harmony, is something that is not well know outside a select few in our community. My goal is to help grow the Raptor Center and expand awareness and support for the conservation and wellbeing of raptors throughout the Gallatin Valley.

I have lived in Bozeman for 10 years, having moved from California with my wife Signe, who is a fourth generation Bozeman native. We have been involved in a wide variety of board membership work including: the Board of Trustees of the Museum of the Rockies; the Gallatin Valley Land Trust; the Emerson Cultural Center; the MSU Friends of the Library, as well as many other strategic supporting roles of many other non-profit organizations to our community.

Prior to moving to Bozeman, I was with the Bank of America, and for 30 years worked in the Corporate Banking Group. My responsibilities there involved development and expansion of client relationships in the areas of capital raising; mergers and acquisitions and comprehensive treasury management functions across the nation. My work was involved with both public Fortune 500 Corporations and large private companies whose businesses covered a broad spectrum of business activities which, included:  steel; oil and gas; large agricultural companies, and extensive work with the large supermarket companies.

Beth Merrick

In 2008 Beth began hands-on volunteering with MRCC after retiring as Director of Exhibits at the Museum of the Rockies after two decades. Her participation has included development of education outreach materials, campus signing and graphics in addition to weekly volunteer service assisting with caring and feeding the sick and injured raptors that find their way to MRCC.  Interesting challenges have included designing footwear for Eagles with balled up feet resulting from lead poisoning.   This footwear allows them to stand  again, which encourages their recovery.  Her backyard Raptor Pole has allowed six generations of Swainson’s Hawks to teach their young to hunt groundsquirrels.