Staff Members

Becky Kean Rehabilitation Director

Becky Kean moved to Bozeman in 1998 from her home town in Minot, ND.  In 2003, she realized her passion for raptors when she began volunteering at the Montana Raptor Conservation Center.  Becky earned a bachelor’s degree in Fish and Wildlife Management from Montana State University. In 2007, Becky was hired at MRCC as Assistant Director, and a year later she was promoted to Director. She served as MRCC Director for 8 years and in 2017 became the Rehabilitation Director.

Jordan Spyke Director of Operations and Development

In 2008 Jordan Spyke and his brother moved to Bozeman, Montana, from Muskegon, Michigan, in search of adventure. Since moving to Bozeman, Jordan has earned a bachelors degree in environmental studies from Montana State University. Jordan began volunteering at the Montana Raptor Conservation Center in 2009 and later served on the board of directors. Jordan became Assistant Director of MRCC in August of 2013 and was promoted to Director of Operations and Development in October of 2017. When Jordan is not working at MRCC, he enjoys being outside doing just about anything, from skiing to fishing and everything in between.

Teresa Aldrich Education Specialist

Teresa Aldrich began working at Reptile Gardens in Rapid City, SD in 2010, where she formed her passion for raptors. In 2011 she moved to St. Louis and completed an internship at the World Bird Sanctuary, doing public bird shows and raptor rehabilitation. Teresa then returned to Reptile Gardens in 2013 and became Assistant Curator of the Bird Department.  In 2017, Teresa continued to follow her passion and moved to Bozeman as MRCC’s Education Specialist. When Teresa is not working with birds she enjoys hiking with her dog on the beautiful Montana trails and singing jazz music at local cafes.

Board Members

  • Susie Drukman, Chair
  • Robin Green, Vice Chair
  • Louise Ellingsworth, Secretary
  • Debbie Kasper , Treasurer
  • Don Farris
  • Beth Merrick