Injured Raptor?

Time is of the essence!

A rescued Golden Eagle.

If you suspect that a raptor may be injured or orphaned, please call MRCC at 406.585.1211 as soon as possible!

The sooner a raptor receives treatment, the better the chances for survival and release. Some injuries become inoperable/unrecoverable if left untreated.

Montana Raptor Conservation Center has trained individuals to determine whether a raptor needs to be rescued, and if so how to do it safely. Many young raptors are uninjured and may simply need to rest.

Please call the numbers below as soon as possible!

Report an Injured Raptor to: MRCC: (406) 585-1211
MT Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks: (406) 994-4042 or 1-800-tip-mont (800-847-6668)

Rescuing a Raptor “Do’s & Don’ts”

CALL MRCC Immediatelymove the bird unless absolutely necessary
take a picture for MRCC IDtouch, prod or handle the bird
protect the bird from a distance to reduce stress and further injuryfeed the bird (illegal) or keep it for any extended period of time
if you need to leave the site, take pictures of the site preferably with landmarks.assume the bird is dead, it is amazing how resilient they can be
Mark the site if you can with flaggingallow kids or pets in the area

 If you need to handle the bird…

1. Cover the bird entirely with a towel or blanket to reduce its visual stimulation and stress.

2. Protect yourself with heavy gloves and glasses.

3. Gently fold the wings into the body with your gloved hands.

4. Gently, but firmly hold and lift the bird from the back. Anticipate the bird attacking or struggling and protect yourself from the talons and beak.

5. Carefully place the bird into a dog carrier or a large box.

6. Do not disturb the bird and carrier.

7. Keep the carrier in a quiet and dark place for transport.