What if I find an injured raptor?
Do not try to pick up the bird, unless given explicit instructions from MRCC staff. Raptors are wild animals and can inflict injury to an untrained individual. Note the exact location of the bird and call the numbers listed below. If at all possible, please stay near the bird, until someone arrives. You are the most important first step to recovery for an injured raptor. The quicker an injured bird arrives at the center, the better are its chances for recovery.

How can I help raptors inhabit the environment?
Pick up litter and refrain from littering. Trash near roadways (even organic things) creates an artificial ecosystem,attracting the prey of many raptors. This increases the chances of a raptor being hit by a car.
Place bird silhouettes in your windows to prevent small hawks, falcons and owls from colliding with them at high speeds.
Leave dead snags and old trees on your property for perching and nesting.
Install kestrel boxes in open habitats on your property in the spring to attract nesting kestrels.

Can I tour or visit MRCC?
Unfortunately the center is not open to the public, since the main activity is rehabilitation of injured and sick birds of prey. The ultimate goal is to return the birds back into the wild, so keeping human contact to a minimum is of utmost importance.

Does MRCC present educational programs?
MRCC hosts a variety of educational programs for the community. Programs range from school classes and assemblies, to adult education classes, to small business and corporate events. Program topics cover the types of raptors living in Montana as well as their impact and importance to the ecosystem. MRCC will do its best to accommodate your requests for specific topics or to tailor the program to your curriculum.

Can I donate meat to MRCC?
Yes! The center and the raptors rely on wild game meat donations from the community to feed the birds. We accept elk, deer, antelope, and bison. MRCC cannot accept whole carcasses or entrails, burger, sausage, or smoked/jerked meats. We need to provide a lean, natural and healthy diet to the raptors as they recover! Please contact us to arrange a drop off or pick up of the meat.