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Meet Stretch, MRCC’s Newest Edu...

Meet Stretch, MRCC’s Newest Education Bird
By Montana Raptor Conservation Center. On April 20, 2014, a Great Horned Owl nestling was brought from Billings to the Montana Raptor Conservation Center. Staff believed the owl fell from its nest or was abandoned and was then attacked by a cat. And it soon became clear that Stretch suffered from very poor vision, likely congenital. His comp [...]

Rescue of a Lifetime

Rescue of a Lifetime
Brian and Krista Seneker about to release a female Great Horned Owl Author: Jeannie Counce It’s not often we get to see a raptor rescue, recovery, and release first hand. But that’s just what happened to MRCC volunteer and Board member Brian Seneker after his truck collided with a female great horned owl (GHO 140-14) on September 20th. Brian [...]

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