We will be scheduling programs for the 2023 year starting June 1, 2023.   

The Montana Raptor Conservation Center has many program options to suit you and your group. Program prices are listed below. We can also host onsite programs in the summer months at our outdoor amphitheater. The amphitheater has seating for 75-80 people and has a bus turnaround. Onsite programs are weather dependent.



Birds and Books

This 45-60 minute program is designed for young learners. The program includes a read aloud from a picture book, followed by a short program featuring 1-2 of our avian ambassadors, and wrapping up with a hands-on art activity. Program cost includes art materials for up to 30 students.

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Feathered Friends

This 60-minute program provides students with an overview of what makes raptors unique in the bird world, the raptors of Montana, and the importance of raptors to our ecosystem. Students will have a hands-on opportunity to explore and experience raptor characteristics and adaptations though biofacts (animal artifacts). 2-3 of our avian ambassadors will wrap up the program for an up close look at these amazing birds. Program cost includes groups up to 35.

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This 60-minute program focuses on raptor migration and the challenges that migrating raptors face. Students will participate in an obstacle course simulating some of these challenges, so a large open space, either indoor or outdoor is necessary. After a brief discussion about their experience, students will get to meet 2-3 of our avian ambassadors to see some of these migrating wonders up close! Program cost includes groups up to 35.

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Birds and Biomagnification

This 60-minute program focuses on biomagnification, or how toxins are found in increasing levels of concentration as you move up the food chain. Raptors are frequently referred to as “indicator species,” meaning their prosperity is an indication of the overall health of an ecosystem. This program will discuss well-known toxins such as DDT and their effects on raptors, and will include 2-3 avian ambassadors. Program cost includes groups of 35.

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Scholarship Application-Scholarships are given out in limited quantity for partial payment of program. Staff will determine scholarship amounts.

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