What We Do

. . . saving Raptors since 1988.

What We Do
Founded in 1988, the Montana Raptor Conservation Center (MRCC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, provides the following services for raptors and communities across Montana:

Raptor Welfare: Respond to requests to rescue distressed raptors; use best practices to provide medical care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation to injured birds; release raptors able to rejoin the wild; and provide a lifetime home and long-term care for unreleasable raptors serving as MRCC Education Birds.

Outreach and Education: Conduct events to advance the public’s awareness of raptors and their importance in the environment; give educational presentations to schools, businesses, service clubs, and outdoor organizations.

Research: Band releasable raptors for ongoing research; partner with organizations, individuals, and students conducting raptor-related research.

Sustainability: Seek grants, public donations, and assistance from organizations and businesses to achieve our mission.