MRCC Keeping Busy

MRCC Keeping Busy MRCC is featured by ABC/FOX Montana! Click the photo to view the [...]

Wrangling a Raptor by Jeannie Counce

Wrangling a Raptor by Jeannie Counce This article was published originally in the September-October 2015 Bugle, and appears here courtesy of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. When outfitter Warren Johnson came upon an injured golden eagle while chasing elk in the backcountry, his solution was simple: “I decided I would rope her.” Click here to read the full [...]

Family Fun Day is a Success!

IMG_1943 This year’s annual Family Fun Day was another big success for MRCC! At last check, we raised over $6,000 and had several hundred folks come visit the center. All of the money raised will go to support a new educational amphitheater at our facility! We’d like to send a big thank you to Casey Anderson [...]

Celebrating Nigel

230508_10150191234153608_1878351_n With a heavy heart we must share that Nigel, our spry Northern Saw-whet raptor ambassador, passed in late June. Nigel came to us in 2010 from Livingston, MT suffering from a injury to his shoulder from a window collision. The injury to his shoulder left his wing immobile so Nigel was not able to fly [...]

Two Tail Tale

Two Tail Tale MRCC released Coopers Hawk COHA 139-14 on 3/11/15. But, this was not your typical rescue and rehabilitation. MRCC initially received the bird on 9/20/14 from Bozeman. It had collided with something and had a spinal/neurological trauma. During its rehab, it developed the habit of sitting in its water dish – a lot. This behavior weakened its [...]

Spring has Sprung, and Moms are on th...

Spring has Sprung, and Moms are on the Eggs We don’t usually see injured or orphaned baby raptors until early to mid-April. But this year, they started coming into MRCC early. On March 6, MRCC rescued a fledgling Great Horned Owl (GHOW 19-15 ) that was found lying in a field near Billings — with no nest in sight. She was already half the [...]