Learn more about what you can do to help us conserve raptors below.

Support Raptors through wiser actions

  1. Put 406-585-1211 in your cell phone:
    You never know when you’ll need it to save a life.
  2. Pick up trash and litter around roadways to reduce automobile impacts with raptors.
  3. Pick up excess bailing and garden twine that can kill raptors by entanglement.
  4. Spread the word about wildlife-friendly fencing techniques that will reduce raptor entanglement.
  5. Switch to lead-free fishing gear and lead-free shot to help prevent lead poisoning in birds.
  6. Use traps not poison to prevent the indirect poisoning of raptors.
  7. Support efforts to reduce raptor deaths around wind farms.

Contribute to our work

  1. Get involved and volunteer your skills with MRCC.
  2. Purchase MRCC gear and show everyone your support of MRCC.
  3. Shop online with Amazon Smile.
    Bookmark this link: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/36-3782562
  4. Switch to Montana Raptor Conservation Center License Plates.
  5. Purchase a gift certificate from Layne Laboratories to help feed MRCC’s raptors.
  6. Donate a vehicle to MRCC.
  7. Include MRCC in your estate planning, or donate stock or IRA contributions.
  8. Like us on Facebook and Google Plus.